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4 min readJul 11, 2023

Welcome to the world of Open Info (Pty) Ltd, a South African company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of web3 innovation. At Open Info, we believe in revolutionizing the way publicly verifiable information is stored and consolidated on the blockchain. We are thrilled to introduce you to our flagship project, VRFD, a public Ethereum address book that enhances transparency and credibility through the use of Soulbound NFTs.

Innovators in Web3 Tools

At Open Info, we are driven by a passion for developing innovative solutions that leverage blockchain technology. Our mission is to redefine the storage and consolidation of publicly verifiable information on-chain. By harnessing the power of web3, we aim to create a more transparent and trustworthy digital landscape.

Introducing VRFD

VRFD, short for Verified, is a decentralized web3 integrated app that serves as a public Ethereum address book. Our vision for VRFD is to empower users with transparency and credibility when it comes to managing their Ethereum addresses and assessing the reputation of others.

The Power of Soulbound NFTs

Tamper-Proof and Irrefutable Source of Truth Soulbound NFTs, developed by Open Info, are unique digital assets that represent a user’s credibility. Unlike traditional NFTs, Soulbound NFTs have zero trading value as they are non-transferable. They are designed to be tamper-proof and resistant to forgery, making them an irrefutable source of truth.

Different Types of Soulbound NFTs

  1. VRFD: This type of Soulbound NFT allows users to store their social information on the blockchain. It requires a validated social media account and is free to mint. With VRFD, users can showcase their verified social identities and connect them to their Ethereum addresses.
  2. FLAG: These Soulbound NFTs are used to identify malicious addresses for others to avoid. If you come across an address engaged in wrongdoing, you can flag it using this type of Soulbound NFT. It contributes to a safer and more secure Ethereum ecosystem.
  3. CRTFD: CRTFD NFTs are for those who are serious about their credibility. They can be unlocked through staking and require KYC (Know Your Customer) or proof of business trade. CRTFD NFTs establish a higher level of trust and credibility within the VRFD community.

How VRFD benefits you

Bridging Social Identities and Ethereum Addresses

VRFD seamlessly integrates web3 technology, allowing users to register and verify their social identities linked to their Ethereum addresses. By connecting social media accounts or other publicly available information to their Ethereum addresses, users can establish transparency and credibility within the VRFD ecosystem.

Reporting and Querying Address Status

VRFD enables users to report Ethereum addresses engaged in malicious behaviour, providing proof to support their claims. This feature helps create a safer environment for all users. Additionally, users can openly query and validate the status (verified or flagged) of any given Ethereum address, promoting trust and accountability.

Unlocking the Potential

VRFD has the potential to revolutionize the way we manage and verify Ethereum addresses. By enhancing transparency, credibility, and security, VRFD empowers users to have greater control over their digital identities. It strengthens trust and collaboration within the Ethereum ecosystem, paving the way for more meaningful interactions and transactions.

Learn More About VRFD

Stay connected with Open Info for updates and developments in the world of VRFD and web3 innovation. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we reshape the future of publicly verifiable information storage on the blockchain. Be sure to register your Ethereum address on our web app to claim your Soulbound NFT.

See our Whitepaper to delve deeper into the concept of VRFD and its underlying technology. It provides a detailed overview of VRFD’s features, benefits, and the vision we have for its future. Additionally, you can access other resources and documentation to gain a better understanding of how VRFD can empower you in the world of Ethereum.



Open Info

Open Info is a registered South African company that aims to create innovative ways of storing and consolidating publicly verifiable information on-chain.